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It is with unbelievable sadness that we tell you, that on the night of 10th of July 2014, around 1:00 in the morning. The one and only Crazy White Sean Freak Show Phenomena had suddenly passed away. Medical staff tried to arrived to his home, but where too late to safe him. There will never be another one like him again and he will be greatly missed by all how where his family, friend and fans.













 Crazy White Sean...  a Freak Show Legend & Royalty in the Freak show Community,  Entertainer Extraordinaire, Frond man for Punk Band KCUF, He traveled world wide with his Stage Shows, He was extremely loving Son to his Mother Ruth, very Devoted Father, a Great big Brother and a Wonderful and Amazing friend, He was a Fighter he nocked a few around , a Lover of woman, sure broke some heart's. A artist how showed us all, the Amazing colours of his soul! We all like to thank him for these gifts' he shared with us and the rest of the world.
















Crazy White Sean RIP.

24 Feb 1970 - 10 July 2014





We are all gutted and broken hearted over the loss of our dear friend and brother,  Crazy White Sean how was part of the GWAR family.

We will forever miss him. It's been a hard few years for all of us.

Our thoughts and love go out to Sean's daughter and all of his loved ones.


Sid Wilson 0 of Slipknot:

I only found out about a week ago. Gonna miss adventure time with this one



Sly Art.

Just got the really sad news that my old friend Crazy White Sean passed away... He and I worked a lot together a lot on his project KCUF, early 2002 and also did a lot of his solo freak show artwork. He came by at my house and I went to his place just to talk about future artwork project for his band... always good times. I hadn't talked to him in a few years until he called me up early this year just to tell he always appreciated our collaborations on artwork. He told me: just wanted to let you know the love is still there..... 

RIP Sean.... You are being missed....


Torture Garden UK:

Very sad news that Crazy White Sean Freak-show legend and long time TG performer & friend passed away last night.


Jonathan David: Korn. USA

Rest in peace old friend you really lived life to the fullest and I'm really really going to miss you brother.


Lucifire: Artist UK

They broke the mould when they made Sean, a real one-off, which is probably a good thing. Fuck, it doesn't seem real at all and the world will be duller without him. Such sad news but such colourful and happy memories.


Shai Shahar Friend NL

I am absolutely shocked, and saddened. Never met or made friends with a more original, outrageous, driven, crazy, in-your-face, funny, big-hearted, loveable rascal and freaky performance artist in all my 60 years.


The Horror Circus Germany:

Crazy White Sean is like no other, with his appearances to shock the audience and the disgust shout out. However, it also delighted the audience with it. We had the honour to work with him and we will always be happy about that we did.

We will miss him. R.I.P!


Johny Strange: Artist UK

It has come to light that Crazy White Sean has sadly passed away. It’s a sad shame to see not only a dedicated performer, but a genuinely great guy, go.If you could see past his extreme appearance and stage presence you would have seen a heart of gold, a kind and caring guy with a great sense of humour. He will be missed and the kind words he gave me will always be remembered. My condolences to his friends and family. RIP


Desmond O'Connor: Artist and Promotor UK

A tremendous loss to the scene; so rare to see someone who genuinely blurred the boundaries of pain and entertainment.


Tiziano Rizzuti: Ritual Rome.

last night one of the most impressive Performer in history Freak is gone. We're pretty shocked due to its extreme vitality and energy always expressed during his performances. As promoter think the loss of a performer "old school" always ready to give their best and improve performance. An artist who could teach the authenticity at the base of the artist, as well as extreme tricks breathtaking.

But the most important thing is that someone like Crazy White Sean, he could afford to feel like "I'm a Cock", had the humility to a child and no Ego. Humanly leaves this earth a man with the energy of 44, a father who adored his daughter and a person who does not understand the conform to this life.

A heartfelt salute to Sean



It's with a very heavy heart that I share that the world has lost one of its most colourful  interesting and loving human beings it has ever know early this morning. He was known as one of the most intense human beings to ever take the "freak-show" lifestyle and performance to a level, in my opinion. He was definitely one of the most interesting and captivating people I will have ever met in my life and while I am so so sad to see him go, I am proud to say I am privileged enough to have known him, and if nothing else I will look forward to seeing him again one day and hearing about all the crazy shit he's been doing in the afterlife cause there's one thing for sure, if there is an afterlife, he's up there already making waves and figuring out how to freak everyone the fuck out. I love you Sean. 


Tony Walls: Circus of Horror UK.

I'm so sorry to hear this, I had the pleasure of working with Sean just the once and he was a great guy, RIP CWS. xx


Empress Stah Power: Artist UK.

Fuck ? What ? No !!!! Crazy White Sean we love you! 

R.I .P. You mad bastard !! Xxxxx


John Fahnestock :Bands KCUF, Amen and Snot.USA

What a terrible way to wake up with this news!

Always will miss that Crazy Sean !!


Scrod Vile: Artist UK.

Gutted. He was a legend and one of the coolest people I've ever met. XXX


Jeremy Chaplin: Photographer UK sad to hear this news,........"A One Off"......


Richard Bellia: Photographer  France

“Some may never live, but the crazy never die.”

Hunter S.Thompson


Jeff Jfk Kohl : Tattooist NL

Ah what can I say. Me and Sean go back to "93 when I first landed in the 'Dam. Great minds an' that. A true Mega Man! 



Gina De Benedetto 

I really can't believe Crazy White is no longer with us!

 I am truly saddened!! He had amazing talent from hell! R.I.P. Sean... Respects xxx


Rene Meeuwessen: Wasteland Party NL

Feeling sad.....R.I.P Sean. Amsterdam will miss a real character.


Sky Hane Drummer: Demia, KCUF.

I had some amazing times with Sean - thanks for the inspiration and mutual believing in our art on an epic d.i.y scale, a real genuine awesome person. R.I.P man i will miss you.


Marnie Scarlet-Diva: Artist UK

RIP Sean, so sad to hear of your passing. Thank you for the lessons in life you taught me, back in Amsterdam so many moons ago, when we were both soooo young... my thoughts are with your family and loved ones...


Ing van Zelm :Friend

We met long time ago, when you almost had no tattoos and still had your long dark hair. We became very good friends, I took care of you and you took care of me. We made life possible for each other. We've laughed together. We've cried together. We trusted each other and told each other our deepest fears. We've partied together. We respected each other. Our life's took different directions. But you were always my friend. One of the most special persons in my life. My heart cries for you. I miss you and I will never forget you.


Ed Donners: Tattooist NL

Goodbye my dear friend or like you always teased me by saying "hey there is my biggest fan" when I was watching your performance...... kcuf men... again a fellow freak has died... our energy will meet again !!! 

Damn bro you make me cry and kcuf I hate that !!!!


Danny Stone

RIP Crazy White Sean. shine on you crazy diamond, you are one of the people made amsterdam: Amsterdam.


Yoav Ocado Singer: Demia NL
I'll never forget that he opened doors for us when we needed those doors open! RIP CWS.


Doralba Picerno: Photographer UK

RIP Crazy White Sean, we had some great times and you gave me some of your wisdom when I needed it. You will be so missed...


Kris Devéria 

Wow... RIP to an amazing guy! seems like a lifetime ago but I remember seeing him (and the Kcuf/Cancelled/Demia guys) in the Cave in Amsterdam! I even did an interview with him once. It was a really cool interview, though I was a young and awkward little squirt back then it was really cool to talk to Sean, there's things he said in that interview that definitely influenced me later in life. 


Nel Z Bub: Friend NL

My life is better for having known you my friend and you'll never be forgotten.

Que Sera Sera: Friend

Never met anyone like you, one of a kind. You will be missed, it was honour to be your friend. RIP Sean.


Dimitri Tsimehcla 

A truly unique friend, righteous and full of life. An eternal echo of your laugh fills the halls of the cosmic me a seat bro! RIP. Love you Sean.


Loz Cheeky 

RIP mate... such a legendary great man.

Melanie Dn 

RIP crazy white Sean, We will never forget you ♡

Olga Jean: Photographer GR

I will miss you my loon...will always cherish our crazy moments...

Robyn T Kawash 

Wow so shocked to hear coloured my time living in Amsterdam with vibrancy and passion. Your imprint will always fresh...RIP

Aine Awol Piercer 

Sean was an old friend of ours. It saddens me that we won't see him again. A true gentleman. Rest in peace Sean 

Aneta VonCyborg: Artist UK

Very sad news. Glad we had chance to meet! R.I.P my friend!

Sophie Hietink 

Rip Sean.. My condolences to friends and family. I'll miss your laugh you crazy mofo but will never forget you! Now go scare the hell out of em upstairs!

Gacksy Jacky 

R.I.P. Turn your whereabouts into a giant freakshow...


Re Ne Stellaard

 Dam... I remember being in his band at the winston kingdom in amsterdam... Very interesting individual, rip man..


Alan Ian Grant

 RIP dude....... This world is a duller place now!!!! 


 Jansen Damn.

R.I.P. Sean, you gave the world a different colour.


Sera Sera 

Never met anyone like you, one of a kind. You will be missed,

it was honour to be your friend. RIP Sean.


Jennifer Dixon

What?! I can't believe it! Is it a bad joke?
It can't be true. I'm very sad to hear about it 


Nicko Pottier

 RIP Sean, give Dave Brockie a hug.


Stéphane Cayrol

 Me and Richard Bellia had the great chance to meet him in 2009.

We will miss him very much.


Yvonne Barth

 R.I.P you Crazy Man. Will Never forget you and your freaky Show!!


Li Pleij

 I've met you a few times,

and you were always quick with a laugh and a smile. RIP.


Andy Clarke

 fuck this fuck this fuck this what-the fuck nooooooo


Andy Roberts

 Some hazy but amazing memories of nights with you, Sean.

Rest in chaos x


Jenny Westerheide

 Can't be true.. only just meet him last year he was fab,

such a shame, he had so much planned, rip u will me mist


Katie Collins

 Oh my goodness... I don't know what to say.

This is shocking. Rip and much love to his kid xx 


Chris van Dongen

 this is really unbelievable i'm gonna mis you bro

and will never forget the good times...

may you find a lot of crazy in the here after... R.I.P.


Alma Sanders

 very sad to hear this, thinking about Ruth and Sean... Thanx for all the crazy moments, r.i.p.


Jolene Gilvary 

SEE you on the other side , no doubt about that , we had long talks he believed in the afterlife he is watching over all of us


Jennie Mayo

 You are gone but you will not be forgotten. You were a great friend you will forever be missed. Much love and respect. RIP Ozone ( crazy white Sean). It seem so surreal that you are gone. Lobe ya man


Dahí McDonagh

 Shocked and stunned is all I can say. R.I.P. my old friend.


Dimitri Tsimehcla

 A truly unique friend, righteous and full of life. An eternal echo of your laugh fills the halls of the cosmic me a seat bro! RIP. Love you Sean.


Robyn T Kawash

 Wow so shocked to hear coloured my time living in Amsterdam with vibrancy and passion. Your imprint will always fresh...RIP


‎Daniel Hefferon

Shit dude....only just heard the bad news...condolences to the family...going to miss the online chats and will never forget you or when we met at the one minute silence concert in London....was a great night!

Ovidiu TransilvaniaTattoo

Yesterday I get tattooed ( single nedle,jail style) from Adda the logo from our friend Richard (Crazy White) Sean Wilson who passed away in july this year. In 2008 we met us here in Offenbach for the first time , the rest is history ...

Jolene Gilvary SEE you on the other side , no doubt about that , we had long talks he believed in the afterlife he is watching over all of us

Yoav Ocado from the band ( Cancelled / Demia.) 

had to dig deep into the vault to find some of these ,  
losing Sean made me want to find something from those days 
I'll never forget that he opened doors for us when we needed those doors open

my heart goes too out to Vivid Angel, I KNOW how much you loved him and to the KCUF family.

The Vivid Angel.

Sean was so many thing for me, my best friend, my partner in grime, my stage partner my Brother in Blood and the love of my life. Life won't be the same with out you and I will love you forever, as you are part of my soul. Fly high my beloved Sean.

Quote by Sean:

Don't be star dust, be a Star!




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