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News Article about Crazy White Sean appearance on,

"Super Talent 2010" on November 16th, started out, as usual , with extremely diverse candidates. Whether talented or embarrassing, pathetic or shocking – all of them were definitely something. Shocking and yet fascinating was the appearance of

Richard Sean Wilson ( Crazy White Sean.) It was he who saw to it that many viewers of "The Super Talent" often had to look away. He smashes a beer can on his forehead. He sniffs a condom through his nose and blows it out of his mouth again. He stabs a fork into his eye and as a glibbery mass of white ran through his fingers, he exclaims "Just kidding!”











"Totally sick," says Super Talent -Juror Bruce.

But when the extreme entertainer took an actual A4 photo with the Super Talent logo on it, staples it with a staple gun to his own forehead, (all the while the camera is focusing on him, in super slow, black and white footage) Bruce gets up and moves to leave the room.












Sylvie van der Vaart had horror written all over her face. "You're the first candidate who makes me feel ill" she snaps wildly at the over tattooed Californian. Then, in the sensation of it all, at the end of his show: the three judges throw their concerns away...


"Three times yes!" from the Super Talent judges.


Every Saturday there are several million people watching the show and now CWS got voted through!

The show had not predicted this, now they needed him back on the show to make it believable for their viewers.

After they were not willing to agree on the new deal for the semi-final's, the media got a hold of the story.


News Article:

Since Richard Sean Wilson was booked by RTL's production company, Grundy Entertainment GmbH, to make the show more appealing. So he was a paid artist of the show, and went through no casting. Employees of Grundy Entertainment GmbH got in touch with him to get him booked for the show. Mr. Wilson was awarded a previously agreed sum. CWS is a professional artist in the field of body manipulation and brings more than 15 years of experience. In the underground scene, he is an accomplished artist with a large fan base. It was never his desire to be part of a commercial TV format such as "Got Talent". After the great success of the first show, Grundy Entertainment Gmbh wanted to sign him for the semi-finals. CWS was in the case of some adjustments to the conditions (professional artist contract instead of the conventional laity contract and minimum increase in the fee) and was very willing to do so. Unfortunately, the production company was not willing to take on CWS's mild demands. That is the real reason why Richard Sean Wilson a.k.a Crazy White Sean was fired. A good moment to discover that this show was a total fake.


Zoe Neumayr, then management for Crazy White Sean, released a Press Statement that had been received in newsrooms – the press release read: "Richard Sean Wilson aka Crazy White Sean, the freak show phenomenon from Long Beach, California, shocked the German TV viewers with his show "Das Supertalent" on November 16th 2010, announces that he will no longer participate in the semi-finals. And despite a unanimous "YES" vote from the three members of the jury - Dieter Bohlen, Sylvie van der Vaart and Bruce Darnell, a standing ovation by the audience, and the subsequent media hype around his person. 


Richard Sean Wilson said: "I was called five times and had only agreed when I was contracted and a gage was assured. After RTL did not increase my salary for the semi-finals show, I had to pull out.” He also said the mission was a farce "because many candidates like me deliberately get hired".


After the media blew up all over Germany, the TV Show removed all videos of his appearance on their website and removed all Youtube videos around that time....


4 years later:

"Das Super Talent" made a new episode of the 30 best auditions of all time.

Crazy White Sean ended up being No. 3

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